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CoverageSync specializes in providing restaurants with reliable insurance policies at competitive price points.
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Pay As You Go Workers’ Comp Insurance

How Pay As You Go Works

As independent insurance brokers, we work with multiple insurance carriers to customize a workers’ comp insurance policy that fits your needs and is competitively priced. Once you have a workers’ comp policy in place, we integrate your payroll company with your insurance company through our Pay As You Go process.

After each payroll cycle, we work with your payroll company to calculate your workers’ compensation premium payment amount. The premium is based on your actual payroll information, which helps reduce the risk large audits at the end of your policy.

The premium is auto-debited from your bank and transmitted directly to the insurance company. With Pay As You Go, we integrate your payroll company with your insurance company so you can rest assured that your insurance payments are accurate and your coverage will never lapse.

Why use Pay As You Go

With Pay As You Go, your premium is calculated based on your actual payroll information and is submitted to your insurance company with each payroll cycle. You only pay what you owe, when you owe it. With Pay As You Go, you avoid over or under estimated premiums and lengthy audits.

Payroll companies we integrate with

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